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Operation Trinity -Update-

    Operation Trinity Update

With Moira. completing its initial investigation within the class 4 wormhole it was inhabiting – the decision has been made to depart from wormhole space back into known space.

The move comes after several months of successful cataloging of Sleeper sites and comparison and correlation of data.

A vast source of sleeper drone tech has also been salvaged from both hostile drone ships and sites from within the system, for both further studies and possible reverse engineering.

But naturally time within the system of space came with its own range of challenges. Hostile capsuleers craving the desire of exploring the unknown and plundering riches attempted to engage our ships on a daily basis.

Both Moira’s industrial wing and “Asset Recovery” Division has also made the most of access to the system. Both have bolstered the available corp fleet size, allowing multiple new ships and modules to become available to the combat orientated pilots, repelling any who attempted to threaten us.

The Initial report has been passed to the Arek’Jaalan project Leads for a more detailed follow up. The report is also now publicly viewable at the Arek’Jaalan project public Library at the dead space pocket in Eram.

For now, Moira’s deep space recon team continues it’s research concerning the Sansha incursions. Lead by The Pathos, it is now long overdue for its data burst check in. The core of the corporation has now returned to regular empire duties, protecting the universe in the best way it can, liberating and freeing those in the greatest of needs.


Declaration of War against Shaktipat Revelators

Shaktipat Revelators, an infamous alliance of Nation loyalists, have begun in-space operations once again, this time teaming up with Kuvakei’s minions directly, as witnessed in the Kador region. This will not stand.

The Moira Directorate and Combat Staff have authorized me to declare open war against Shaktipat. Moira field commanders of both Task Force Ripper and Team Thundercats are hereby dispatched.

Our focus will be the utter destruction of the Revelators.

Additional communiques and intelligence briefs on the topic of Nation Loyalist activity will be forthcoming.

Operation Trinity Preliminary Report Published

Preliminary Trinity Report

Last month, the preliminary report for Operation Trinity, an investigation into the possible technological links between the Sleepers and Jovians, was published for public consumption. This report has now been forwarded to Dr. Hilen Tukoss, project lead of the Arek’Jaalan project, for his review and comment.

Operation Trinity is an ongoing activity of Moira. Corporation on behalf of the Arek’Jaalan project, involving a deep-space starbase located in class four w-space, and continuing research on Trinary Data formats shared between the Jovians and Sleepers.

****CONCORD Intelligence Offices****
[Capsuleer Monitoring Division
File #501-4437B
Status: Classified L-3]

Subject: Capsuleer “Xadiran”
Real Name: Xavier Adiren Lapointe
Born YC 84.07.16 on Fricoure VII
Parents deceased. No known living relatives.
Loyalty: Gallente Federation
Corporation: Moira
Activities: Last seen in combat with Star Fraction in Dodixie as part of sanctioned warfare. Known participant in Moira’s exploration into Jovian trinary data recovery.
Security Status: Favorable


I’ve compiled the information you requested on capsuleer Xadiran into this report, including the unexpected walls we ran into. Given the level of clearance you gave us, it would appear that certain information has been destroyed, or placed beyond our reach entirely.

He grew up on Fricoure VII, in Iselle. Father was in agriculture, mother had degrees in molecular geneics and bioengineering. The entire town was dependant on grain farming for profit, and they say that our pod pilot’s family and their education really helped them turn the town around. Made it into a sort of farmers paradise. They were both killed in that incident with megafarm security forces.

Thats where we hit our first snag. We couldn’t find many records on the parents concerning the period of time before they moved to the planet. Apart from their academic information and respective birthplaces, we got nothing. Both have gaps in their history of about 15 years. Father was 1/2 Khanid, but unless he was smuggled out of Gallente space, we have no records of him ever leaving Federation territory. What’s more, is that dad’s educational record was tampered with. Something was deleted a long time ago, but we have no idea what or why.

As for Xadiran, survivors from Iselle who knew him said his interest in astronautics started when that industrial farm was being dropped from orbit a few miles from the town. His parents sent him to Bourynes to attend the U of C after he finished local schooling. They also said that his parents sent him away to  protect him from what might happen. Seems they were right; they died 6 years later. Interesting to note, none of the farmers knew he was a capsuleer.

His academic life was fairly dull. Graduated with degrees in astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Afterwards he worked as a survey assistant, as well as providing some instruction at the University campus. He went back and studied cybernetics a year after his parents died, for unknown reasons. Thats when he first took capsuleer applicancy tests, and I don’t think it’s any coincidence he had the right genetic markers and psychological profile.

Here’s where we hit another wall. Apparently, after his parents death, he came back to Iselle to collect his parents belongings. one of the farmer’s says he saw Xad come to his old house in the middle of the night and retrieve a few things, including several datapads, and a dozen or so black cases which he had never seen before despite being in the house many times. Whatever was in those cases, I have little doubt influenced his becoming a capsuleer.

His activities were very strictly scrutinized during his training to become a capsuleer, and we didn’t find anything out of the ordinary there. He got his wings, a head full of cybernetics, and off he went.

Now, here’s where the story gets good. We found a few of his early crew members still alive, if you believe it, and willing to give some details on his early days after assurances he wouldn’t come after them for it. Turn out he was a really nice guy when he started out. Crew said he told them personally that he wasn’t going to be heartless and detached like other capsuleers. For a while it seemd like he was making good on his word too. You know what they say about power, though.

They said that for the better part of the next year, he slowly deteriorated into what they called ‘every other capsuleer’. Judging by some numbers I managed to force of of some of his Federation agents, I’d say that statement is pretty accurate. A few dozen unauthorized attacks on various structures not designated as targets. Thousands dead, many more wounded, you know the story.

Apparently, he took on a few new crew members when he moved up to flying battlecruisers, including a pair of amarrian refugees. The two were sisters, and by the crew accounts Xad and one of them, a woman named Renea, became quite close. Well, as close as a capsuleer can be with a crew member. He didn’t stop killing, but the crew said there was definitely a change in his demeanor. From what we could figure out, she was religious but hated Amarrian society, particularly slavery. Nothing interesting that we could dig up on her either.

The crew’s most vivid details came from the day of her death, however, which also happened to be their last day of employment by Xadiran. They were in a Thorax cruiser and came under fire from hostile capsuleers on a stargate. the ship was going down so he ordered all crew to escape pods. Renea however, didn’t go, said that there was a problem with the ships disaster management processor and the pod ejection systems had been knocked offline. She stayed behind to correct the problem, but nobody knows why. She had to have known he’d just be recloned anyways. As far as I can tell, there was no real reason for her to stay. ironically, the pod was ejected when the ship exploded, but was caught in a stasis web and vaporized anyways. Seems like whatever her reason was, it was in vain.

The crewmen also said that after that incident, he fired them all. Most assumed it was because he blamed them for the loss of his ship, but some thought it had to do with losing Renea. We tried to find her sister, Mori, to get some answers but she seems to have vanished. We’re still keeping our eyes open for her, however.

The next year was pretty uneventful as far as our findings went. He flew mostly frigates for a while after that, then started flying cruisers with no crew. It looks like the loss affected him a lot, though I’ve never heard of a capsuleer refusing to employ crew on larger ships. Judging by his official losses, it didn’t work well for him. Then, about 4 and a half months after that incident, financial records show he invested a hefty amount of cash into some private research regarding capsule-starship interfacing.

Of course, when we went to look for the research firm, we found that it didn’t exist. What we do know, is that sections of Xadiran’s personal starships that were recovered by agents since then have all had extensive modifications added. Some of the engineers brought in to assess the salvage said that, as far as they could tell, many key systems had been thoroughly reinforced, all mechanical processes aboard the ship had been made completely automated, and nearly everything had double, triple or even in the case of one Abaddon class battleship, quaduple redundancies. The extra cost to add these systems would no doubt have been immense, but the engineers said that these systems would likely make it possible, with the help of shipboard damage control and maintanance drones, for a capsuleer to run a ship as big as a battlecruiser with no crew at all, and a Battleship with only a handfull. Why he would go through so much trouble to do this is as much a mystery to you as it is to me. Personally however, I wouldn’t mind seeing systems like this in every capsuleer vessel. It’s better than thousands corpses floating through space each time they feel like blowing each other up.

Since then, his record has been, as much as can be said for a capsuleer, spotless. Minimal unwarranted casulaties, minimal unauthorized structural damage. Hell, I heard that he even gave a bunch of pirates on a hidden deadspace station 20 minutes to evacuate it before blowing it up. They all got out and shot at him, but the civilians on the station got out unharmed.

From then to now, nothing to report on that we don’t already know other than his dealings with professor ******* at CreoDron, and Dr. **** over at Poteque. We interviewed them both, but didn’t get too much without warrants for proper interrogation. From what we did gather, the professor and the doctor and both old friends of Xadiran’s late father. Conveniently, they both refused to share any knowledge they might have had on his activities in that 15 year gap, though I got the impression from professor ******* that it was top secret. I’d ask for warrants to go back and question them properly, but I have no doubt that both of them are in contact with our capsuleer, and he probably knows we’re snooping around.

What we did manage to find out is that Xadiran comissioned a high-grade clone recently from a Poteque-operated cloning facility run by Dr. ****, although he already has several from the Federation Navy cloning centers, and has no reputable standing with Poteque Pharmaceuticals at all other than Dr. ****. The searches regarding his relationship with CreoDron turned up nothing of interest either. Personally, I think we’re running out of reasonable suspicion. Clones, cybernetics, capsuleers; they all go together anyways, and unorthdox or not, his behavior hasn’t broken any laws. We’re going to be very hard pressed to pursue any further surveilance.

-End of Report-

<Subspace relay X-F4 LUNA>
<Transmission intercept complete>
<Destination: Yulai>
<Packets decrypted and uploaded to local terminal “Luna-1” at “Apollo”>
<Message from LUNA: “Intercept complete, Xad. Forwarding to you, and sending edited copy to CONCORD>

Several days ago, Moira. medium-range scouts determined the location of a Erebus-class Titan belonging to The Star Fraction within the Placid region, indeed, within several jumps of our main base of operations. The name of this Titan is believed to be ‘Code Black’, while the pilot who was flying it was Ragadude. This Erebus was located at a heavily armed death-star type control tower in the Dastryns star system.

Indeed, Star Fraction has constructed a network of such fireabases throughout the Placid region, military outposts with no other function than to act as staging areas for their military forces, often as a secure location for command ships and Strategic Cruisers fitted with warfare links. Their theory, we assume, is that these ships can provide useful advantages and bonuses to their combat ships within those systems, while being largely invulnerable to counterattack.

The Star Fraction constructed such an outpost, of their Cassini Division, inside the Pelille System, the HQ of Moira. Corporation, simultaneous to a large-scale logistical operation to the system, no doubt with the intention of subjugating Moira through a military blockade. Thus far, they have proven to be unsuccessful. As of Friday, Moira broke their blockade twice, destroying a Harbinger in the process, forcing the remainder of their forces to flee or dock.

Additionally, during their logistical operation to the Pelille System, Star Fraction lost an Abaddon-class battleship, apparently while escorting a freighter through the Ostingele system, carrying five-billion isk of equipment. Moira has positively ID’d the pilot of this freighter, and the Directorate is deciding on whether to authorize a wardec against the transport corporation in retaliation for supporting Star Fraction’s unilateral military campaign in the Placid region.

According to The Star Fraction’s own records, their present efficiency in combat against Moira for the past week is 25.3 percent.

The Star Fraction Declares War Against Moira.
Sent: 2011.04.29 14:53

The Star Fraction has declared war on Moira..
Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.

The Star Fraction, an anarchistic organization that has attempted to fight various government-affiliated organizations over the past six or seven years, has declared war against Moira. Corporation. They have not indicated what the purpose of this wardec is, what the terms of surrender might be, or what their objectives are. However, according to official records, the combat is going quite well for us as of this time.

The first engagement with Star Fraction was with Lord LazyGhost’s Hurricane-class battlecruiser, the same day the wardec went active. Curiously, Star Fraction appeared to have no serious strategy in place to attack Moira when the wardec was active, and as such, individual Star Fraction pilots were easy to isolate and destroy piecemeal. The Hurricane was caught off of the Pelille stargate in Ostingele, and being an armor-plated Hurricane variant, was too slow to disengage.

Later that night, a Maelstrom-class battleship was destroyed in Ostingele, also belonging to Star Fraction.

Indeed, what was more interesting during the wardec thus far was the number of successes against other pirate organizations in spite of the Star Fraction wardec. 20 hostile ships were destroyed on Saturday and Sunday combined, only four of which were Star Fraction. Moira. Corporation is investigating offensive operations to deal with Star Fraction’s operations in the Placid Region. Their destabilizing activities, whilst once a minor annoyance to the region’s inhabitants, can no longer be tolerated.

This past Sunday, Moira. Corporation launched a covert reconnaissance operation to the Fountain region, specifically, the Chimera constellation.

The focus of the operation was the confirmation of sightings of Sansha forces in the Fountain region, neutralization of these forces, and other reconnaissance to gather possibly clues regarding their presence in the Fountain region.

The Nocturne Special Task Force assembled at 20:00 hours Sunday, a squadron of Force Reconnaissance cruisers, stealth bombers, and the Scimfaxi, a Loki-class strategic cruiser, whose configuration remains classified. The fleet deployed to northern Placid, near Alsavoinon, with the objective of identifying a safe passage through the treacherous Cloud Ring region, occupied by Goonswarm Federation at the time. An ally of Moira, Myaxis Corporation, was also in participation, represented by pilot Deucaliona.

The Scimfaxi provided forward recon of the route through the Cloud Ring passage, and enabled the fleet to slip by without facing any hostile resistance. Once through Cloud Ring, the fleet found that the J5A stargate link to the Fountain region was undefended. The infiltration of Fountain was successful, and no hostile forces were detected anywhere along the route towards the Chimera constellation.

By the time the fleet arrived in the HMF-9D system, the Nocturne STF had encountered no ships barring entry to the stargates along our route.

While in HMF-9D, we immediately detected the presence of Sansha combat squadron. The combined forces of the Nocturne Special Task Force engaged and destroyed this squadron, hoping to uncover data that could lead us to discover the source of the Sansha fleet. However, the data was unrecoverable, and we were forced to move on to another Chimera system. During this time, a TEST alliance squadron had entered HMF-9D, and had taken up blocking positions along our outbound stargate. Aesis Tori fired on their Nighthawk class Field Command Ship, however, we disengaged and waited for them to withdraw. From this point forward we considered TEST to be a hostile force in the constellation.

After some additional surveys of local systems, the task force moved to the AV-VB6 starsystem. Another Sansha force was identified here, but also a TEST alliance Tengu, busy attacking Serpentis forces in a Sanctum. Given their warm welcome of the task force earlier, Fleet Command ordered the destruction of the vessel. The Tengu was destroyed at the loss of one low-tech Manticore, flown by an allied Myaxis pilot, Deucaliona.

With fleet objectives completed, the course was set back to Placid. The return trip was slightly more problematic, with a combat squadron blockading the route to Alsavoinon, however some use of bookmarks and warp-in vectors by Moira pilot Ilik ensured a safe return of the remaining pilots of the task force.

My thanks goes to all Moira and Myaxis pilots who participated, and allowed this to be a successful operation.

Julianus Soter and his aide-de-camp Althea Ekran have initiated a new operation, supported by the Directorate, to establish a trade hub within the Agoze system. This brings a more economic focus to Moira corporation operations in the Placid region, with the long-term hopes of increasing activity and opportunity for capsuleers throughout lowsec.

The initial market established at the Agoze IX-2 Center for Advanced Study School station includes advanced and navy-issue ammunition, long held as favorites amoungst capsuleer combat pilots. Barrage, Fleet EMP, Federation Navy Antimatter, and various kinds of missiles all make an apperance in this first iteration of Operation Agora. Along with these, a set of electronic warfare drones and advanced scout drones are also provided, at significant discounts vs. regional value.

The motivation for this initiative was the high rate of price inflation in the Placid region, which placed a significant burden on the local capsuleer population, stymieing economic expansion and regional vitalization, following the Caldari/Gallente conquests and re-conquests. Often, many items would have a fifteen percent price increase versus those available in core systems such as Dodixie.

Additionally, providing such a market in a lowsec system as Agoze encourages capsuleers to venture beyond the domain of CONCORD-patrolled space. Humanity needs capsuleers outside of the stiffling confines of highsec. Indeed, with the increase of Sansha activity and invasions of the region by Kuvakei’s forces, the demand for combat pilots in lowsec is greater than ever.

If you wish to participate in Operation Agora, or had additional questions about it, please contact Julianus Soter using your nearest NEOCOM interface.

Nation Attack Fails

It seems that the recent Moira. Expedition didn’t go as unnoticed as we had hoped/expected and that we may have a bigger trove of information than we initially expected.

Upon routine scouting and probing around the system, a violent wormhole was discovered in orbit around one of the Lava class planets in system.

Upon deployment of a fire support team and an ECM Gravimetric squadron tasked with closing the wormhole; Nation successfully deployed ships into the system.

Minus the fleets required to cover the gates, the full support squadron descended upon the wormhole and the ships that had travelled through.

Despite their best efforts, 3 Revenant class Supercarriers, labelled each as the Kundalini manifest were successfully deployed by nation within the system before the wormhole was completely collapsed. With no Nation commanding officer in system to relay orders maintaining to the stability of the wormhole, the revenant class Supercarriers had nowhere to escape to, which inevitably lead to their destruction.

The only ship destruction confirmed was an unmanned Charon class freighter, carrying nothing more than spare parts, nanite repair paste and salvage, nothing more lost than that of the cost to produce the ship.

This marks a few key points in my records, namely;

  • The first time nation has deployed more than 1 Kundalini manifest class Supercarrier into the system.
  • The first time nation has deployed such large ships without both support of smaller ships and a commander to govern the operation.
  • The first time, I can recall, Nation has operated in null sec security space, in capital class vessels, without the dampening effects usually associated with the presence of their attacking force. (This allowed additional capital ships to be deployed to counter Nations attacking force.)
  • The first time, I can recall, Capital capsuleer ships have been able to access a Nation Supercarrier class vessels.
  • Lastly, the first time, I can recall as of note, that the apparent presence of a capsuleer fleet in a system has caused Nation to mount an attack.

– On a personal note, this continues to make me wonder if Nation attacked the system because the presence of the Hel’s in system on their associated mission.. if so, what detail these ships could have discovered, that nation want to attempt the destruction of… how large would the ship escalation have become if we didn’t close the wormhole when we did, will they be able to out match our support fleet? If they decide to deploy anything like that seen by Mouse Nell’s probe we may encounter severe problems…

I’ve given the order today for emergency break away procedures to be put in place should an insurmountable hostile force be encountered, allowing the quick escape to nearby friendly locations to rendezvous… given that nation knows our location, I think it’s the least we can prepare for..

– Wormhole

– Fleet

– Joseph Dean Stargazer

Moira. Corporation conducted a sustained combat reconnaissance and resource extraction mission in a classified w-space system, generated roughly two billion ISK in revenue over the duration of the operation.

Ten or so Moira corporation pilots and associates participated in Operation Entropy, named for the black hole that dominated the class-three w-space system.

According to long-range telemetry, the Entropy black hole existed within interstellar space, well beyond the star system’s heliopause. Unfortunately, the graviton radiation emitted by the black hole still affected ship systems. It is because of this, that the system went largely unnoticed by opportunist Capsuleers looking for easily accessible technology and Sleeper resources to extract. A large number of Sleeper facilities had gone untouched as a result.

Moira Directorate established a control tower and small facility within the star system, to support a sustained operation and provide logistical support to Moira expeditionary teams. Several significant operations were conducted into Sleeper complexes, resulting in around 1.5 billion ISK in acquired materials, including, among other things, salvaged Sleeper technology. The starbase established within the Entropy system maintenanced our vessels and stored our equipment between operations, and was finally disbanded today, after three days of continuous operation. All resources were evacuated through a U210 class wormhole to safety to our main base of operations.

An interesting note that we made during Operation Entropy: The Entropy system seemed to have an affinity for U210 wormholes, for some reason. Specifically, U210 wormholes that led to Federation low security space. This proved highly advantageous, as it ensured a limited number of normal-space jumps were required to reach our base in Placid. Overall, the operation proved to be a significant success, and all profits generated were split proportionally to those that participated.