Moira. Corporation conducted a sustained combat reconnaissance and resource extraction mission in a classified w-space system, generated roughly two billion ISK in revenue over the duration of the operation.

Ten or so Moira corporation pilots and associates participated in Operation Entropy, named for the black hole that dominated the class-three w-space system.

According to long-range telemetry, the Entropy black hole existed within interstellar space, well beyond the star system’s heliopause. Unfortunately, the graviton radiation emitted by the black hole still affected ship systems. It is because of this, that the system went largely unnoticed by opportunist Capsuleers looking for easily accessible technology and Sleeper resources to extract. A large number of Sleeper facilities had gone untouched as a result.

Moira Directorate established a control tower and small facility within the star system, to support a sustained operation and provide logistical support to Moira expeditionary teams. Several significant operations were conducted into Sleeper complexes, resulting in around 1.5 billion ISK in acquired materials, including, among other things, salvaged Sleeper technology. The starbase established within the Entropy system maintenanced our vessels and stored our equipment between operations, and was finally disbanded today, after three days of continuous operation. All resources were evacuated through a U210 class wormhole to safety to our main base of operations.

An interesting note that we made during Operation Entropy: The Entropy system seemed to have an affinity for U210 wormholes, for some reason. Specifically, U210 wormholes that led to Federation low security space. This proved highly advantageous, as it ensured a limited number of normal-space jumps were required to reach our base in Placid. Overall, the operation proved to be a significant success, and all profits generated were split proportionally to those that participated.