It seems that the recent Moira. Expedition didn’t go as unnoticed as we had hoped/expected and that we may have a bigger trove of information than we initially expected.

Upon routine scouting and probing around the system, a violent wormhole was discovered in orbit around one of the Lava class planets in system.

Upon deployment of a fire support team and an ECM Gravimetric squadron tasked with closing the wormhole; Nation successfully deployed ships into the system.

Minus the fleets required to cover the gates, the full support squadron descended upon the wormhole and the ships that had travelled through.

Despite their best efforts, 3 Revenant class Supercarriers, labelled each as the Kundalini manifest were successfully deployed by nation within the system before the wormhole was completely collapsed. With no Nation commanding officer in system to relay orders maintaining to the stability of the wormhole, the revenant class Supercarriers had nowhere to escape to, which inevitably lead to their destruction.

The only ship destruction confirmed was an unmanned Charon class freighter, carrying nothing more than spare parts, nanite repair paste and salvage, nothing more lost than that of the cost to produce the ship.

This marks a few key points in my records, namely;

  • The first time nation has deployed more than 1 Kundalini manifest class Supercarrier into the system.
  • The first time nation has deployed such large ships without both support of smaller ships and a commander to govern the operation.
  • The first time, I can recall, Nation has operated in null sec security space, in capital class vessels, without the dampening effects usually associated with the presence of their attacking force. (This allowed additional capital ships to be deployed to counter Nations attacking force.)
  • The first time, I can recall, Capital capsuleer ships have been able to access a Nation Supercarrier class vessels.
  • Lastly, the first time, I can recall as of note, that the apparent presence of a capsuleer fleet in a system has caused Nation to mount an attack.

– On a personal note, this continues to make me wonder if Nation attacked the system because the presence of the Hel’s in system on their associated mission.. if so, what detail these ships could have discovered, that nation want to attempt the destruction of… how large would the ship escalation have become if we didn’t close the wormhole when we did, will they be able to out match our support fleet? If they decide to deploy anything like that seen by Mouse Nell’s probe we may encounter severe problems…

I’ve given the order today for emergency break away procedures to be put in place should an insurmountable hostile force be encountered, allowing the quick escape to nearby friendly locations to rendezvous… given that nation knows our location, I think it’s the least we can prepare for..

– Wormhole

– Fleet

– Joseph Dean Stargazer