Julianus Soter and his aide-de-camp Althea Ekran have initiated a new operation, supported by the Directorate, to establish a trade hub within the Agoze system. This brings a more economic focus to Moira corporation operations in the Placid region, with the long-term hopes of increasing activity and opportunity for capsuleers throughout lowsec.

The initial market established at the Agoze IX-2 Center for Advanced Study School station includes advanced and navy-issue ammunition, long held as favorites amoungst capsuleer combat pilots. Barrage, Fleet EMP, Federation Navy Antimatter, and various kinds of missiles all make an apperance in this first iteration of Operation Agora. Along with these, a set of electronic warfare drones and advanced scout drones are also provided, at significant discounts vs. regional value.

The motivation for this initiative was the high rate of price inflation in the Placid region, which placed a significant burden on the local capsuleer population, stymieing economic expansion and regional vitalization, following the Caldari/Gallente conquests and re-conquests. Often, many items would have a fifteen percent price increase versus those available in core systems such as Dodixie.

Additionally, providing such a market in a lowsec system as Agoze encourages capsuleers to venture beyond the domain of CONCORD-patrolled space. Humanity needs capsuleers outside of the stiffling confines of highsec. Indeed, with the increase of Sansha activity and invasions of the region by Kuvakei’s forces, the demand for combat pilots in lowsec is greater than ever.

If you wish to participate in Operation Agora, or had additional questions about it, please contact Julianus Soter using your nearest NEOCOM interface.