This past Sunday, Moira. Corporation launched a covert reconnaissance operation to the Fountain region, specifically, the Chimera constellation.

The focus of the operation was the confirmation of sightings of Sansha forces in the Fountain region, neutralization of these forces, and other reconnaissance to gather possibly clues regarding their presence in the Fountain region.

The Nocturne Special Task Force assembled at 20:00 hours Sunday, a squadron of Force Reconnaissance cruisers, stealth bombers, and the Scimfaxi, a Loki-class strategic cruiser, whose configuration remains classified. The fleet deployed to northern Placid, near Alsavoinon, with the objective of identifying a safe passage through the treacherous Cloud Ring region, occupied by Goonswarm Federation at the time. An ally of Moira, Myaxis Corporation, was also in participation, represented by pilot Deucaliona.

The Scimfaxi provided forward recon of the route through the Cloud Ring passage, and enabled the fleet to slip by without facing any hostile resistance. Once through Cloud Ring, the fleet found that the J5A stargate link to the Fountain region was undefended. The infiltration of Fountain was successful, and no hostile forces were detected anywhere along the route towards the Chimera constellation.

By the time the fleet arrived in the HMF-9D system, the Nocturne STF had encountered no ships barring entry to the stargates along our route.

While in HMF-9D, we immediately detected the presence of Sansha combat squadron. The combined forces of the Nocturne Special Task Force engaged and destroyed this squadron, hoping to uncover data that could lead us to discover the source of the Sansha fleet. However, the data was unrecoverable, and we were forced to move on to another Chimera system. During this time, a TEST alliance squadron had entered HMF-9D, and had taken up blocking positions along our outbound stargate. Aesis Tori fired on their Nighthawk class Field Command Ship, however, we disengaged and waited for them to withdraw. From this point forward we considered TEST to be a hostile force in the constellation.

After some additional surveys of local systems, the task force moved to the AV-VB6 starsystem. Another Sansha force was identified here, but also a TEST alliance Tengu, busy attacking Serpentis forces in a Sanctum. Given their warm welcome of the task force earlier, Fleet Command ordered the destruction of the vessel. The Tengu was destroyed at the loss of one low-tech Manticore, flown by an allied Myaxis pilot, Deucaliona.

With fleet objectives completed, the course was set back to Placid. The return trip was slightly more problematic, with a combat squadron blockading the route to Alsavoinon, however some use of bookmarks and warp-in vectors by Moira pilot Ilik ensured a safe return of the remaining pilots of the task force.

My thanks goes to all Moira and Myaxis pilots who participated, and allowed this to be a successful operation.