****CONCORD Intelligence Offices****
[Capsuleer Monitoring Division
File #501-4437B
Status: Classified L-3]

Subject: Capsuleer “Xadiran”
Real Name: Xavier Adiren Lapointe
Born YC 84.07.16 on Fricoure VII
Parents deceased. No known living relatives.
Loyalty: Gallente Federation
Corporation: Moira
Activities: Last seen in combat with Star Fraction in Dodixie as part of sanctioned warfare. Known participant in Moira’s exploration into Jovian trinary data recovery.
Security Status: Favorable


I’ve compiled the information you requested on capsuleer Xadiran into this report, including the unexpected walls we ran into. Given the level of clearance you gave us, it would appear that certain information has been destroyed, or placed beyond our reach entirely.

He grew up on Fricoure VII, in Iselle. Father was in agriculture, mother had degrees in molecular geneics and bioengineering. The entire town was dependant on grain farming for profit, and they say that our pod pilot’s family and their education really helped them turn the town around. Made it into a sort of farmers paradise. They were both killed in that incident with megafarm security forces.

Thats where we hit our first snag. We couldn’t find many records on the parents concerning the period of time before they moved to the planet. Apart from their academic information and respective birthplaces, we got nothing. Both have gaps in their history of about 15 years. Father was 1/2 Khanid, but unless he was smuggled out of Gallente space, we have no records of him ever leaving Federation territory. What’s more, is that dad’s educational record was tampered with. Something was deleted a long time ago, but we have no idea what or why.

As for Xadiran, survivors from Iselle who knew him said his interest in astronautics started when that industrial farm was being dropped from orbit a few miles from the town. His parents sent him to Bourynes to attend the U of C after he finished local schooling. They also said that his parents sent him away to  protect him from what might happen. Seems they were right; they died 6 years later. Interesting to note, none of the farmers knew he was a capsuleer.

His academic life was fairly dull. Graduated with degrees in astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Afterwards he worked as a survey assistant, as well as providing some instruction at the University campus. He went back and studied cybernetics a year after his parents died, for unknown reasons. Thats when he first took capsuleer applicancy tests, and I don’t think it’s any coincidence he had the right genetic markers and psychological profile.

Here’s where we hit another wall. Apparently, after his parents death, he came back to Iselle to collect his parents belongings. one of the farmer’s says he saw Xad come to his old house in the middle of the night and retrieve a few things, including several datapads, and a dozen or so black cases which he had never seen before despite being in the house many times. Whatever was in those cases, I have little doubt influenced his becoming a capsuleer.

His activities were very strictly scrutinized during his training to become a capsuleer, and we didn’t find anything out of the ordinary there. He got his wings, a head full of cybernetics, and off he went.

Now, here’s where the story gets good. We found a few of his early crew members still alive, if you believe it, and willing to give some details on his early days after assurances he wouldn’t come after them for it. Turn out he was a really nice guy when he started out. Crew said he told them personally that he wasn’t going to be heartless and detached like other capsuleers. For a while it seemd like he was making good on his word too. You know what they say about power, though.

They said that for the better part of the next year, he slowly deteriorated into what they called ‘every other capsuleer’. Judging by some numbers I managed to force of of some of his Federation agents, I’d say that statement is pretty accurate. A few dozen unauthorized attacks on various structures not designated as targets. Thousands dead, many more wounded, you know the story.

Apparently, he took on a few new crew members when he moved up to flying battlecruisers, including a pair of amarrian refugees. The two were sisters, and by the crew accounts Xad and one of them, a woman named Renea, became quite close. Well, as close as a capsuleer can be with a crew member. He didn’t stop killing, but the crew said there was definitely a change in his demeanor. From what we could figure out, she was religious but hated Amarrian society, particularly slavery. Nothing interesting that we could dig up on her either.

The crew’s most vivid details came from the day of her death, however, which also happened to be their last day of employment by Xadiran. They were in a Thorax cruiser and came under fire from hostile capsuleers on a stargate. the ship was going down so he ordered all crew to escape pods. Renea however, didn’t go, said that there was a problem with the ships disaster management processor and the pod ejection systems had been knocked offline. She stayed behind to correct the problem, but nobody knows why. She had to have known he’d just be recloned anyways. As far as I can tell, there was no real reason for her to stay. ironically, the pod was ejected when the ship exploded, but was caught in a stasis web and vaporized anyways. Seems like whatever her reason was, it was in vain.

The crewmen also said that after that incident, he fired them all. Most assumed it was because he blamed them for the loss of his ship, but some thought it had to do with losing Renea. We tried to find her sister, Mori, to get some answers but she seems to have vanished. We’re still keeping our eyes open for her, however.

The next year was pretty uneventful as far as our findings went. He flew mostly frigates for a while after that, then started flying cruisers with no crew. It looks like the loss affected him a lot, though I’ve never heard of a capsuleer refusing to employ crew on larger ships. Judging by his official losses, it didn’t work well for him. Then, about 4 and a half months after that incident, financial records show he invested a hefty amount of cash into some private research regarding capsule-starship interfacing.

Of course, when we went to look for the research firm, we found that it didn’t exist. What we do know, is that sections of Xadiran’s personal starships that were recovered by agents since then have all had extensive modifications added. Some of the engineers brought in to assess the salvage said that, as far as they could tell, many key systems had been thoroughly reinforced, all mechanical processes aboard the ship had been made completely automated, and nearly everything had double, triple or even in the case of one Abaddon class battleship, quaduple redundancies. The extra cost to add these systems would no doubt have been immense, but the engineers said that these systems would likely make it possible, with the help of shipboard damage control and maintanance drones, for a capsuleer to run a ship as big as a battlecruiser with no crew at all, and a Battleship with only a handfull. Why he would go through so much trouble to do this is as much a mystery to you as it is to me. Personally however, I wouldn’t mind seeing systems like this in every capsuleer vessel. It’s better than thousands corpses floating through space each time they feel like blowing each other up.

Since then, his record has been, as much as can be said for a capsuleer, spotless. Minimal unwarranted casulaties, minimal unauthorized structural damage. Hell, I heard that he even gave a bunch of pirates on a hidden deadspace station 20 minutes to evacuate it before blowing it up. They all got out and shot at him, but the civilians on the station got out unharmed.

From then to now, nothing to report on that we don’t already know other than his dealings with professor ******* at CreoDron, and Dr. **** over at Poteque. We interviewed them both, but didn’t get too much without warrants for proper interrogation. From what we did gather, the professor and the doctor and both old friends of Xadiran’s late father. Conveniently, they both refused to share any knowledge they might have had on his activities in that 15 year gap, though I got the impression from professor ******* that it was top secret. I’d ask for warrants to go back and question them properly, but I have no doubt that both of them are in contact with our capsuleer, and he probably knows we’re snooping around.

What we did manage to find out is that Xadiran comissioned a high-grade clone recently from a Poteque-operated cloning facility run by Dr. ****, although he already has several from the Federation Navy cloning centers, and has no reputable standing with Poteque Pharmaceuticals at all other than Dr. ****. The searches regarding his relationship with CreoDron turned up nothing of interest either. Personally, I think we’re running out of reasonable suspicion. Clones, cybernetics, capsuleers; they all go together anyways, and unorthdox or not, his behavior hasn’t broken any laws. We’re going to be very hard pressed to pursue any further surveilance.

-End of Report-

<Subspace relay X-F4 LUNA>
<Transmission intercept complete>
<Destination: Yulai>
<Packets decrypted and uploaded to local terminal “Luna-1” at “Apollo”>
<Message from LUNA: “Intercept complete, Xad. Forwarding to you, and sending edited copy to CONCORD>