Operation Trinity Update

With Moira. completing its initial investigation within the class 4 wormhole it was inhabiting – the decision has been made to depart from wormhole space back into known space.

The move comes after several months of successful cataloging of Sleeper sites and comparison and correlation of data.

A vast source of sleeper drone tech has also been salvaged from both hostile drone ships and sites from within the system, for both further studies and possible reverse engineering.

But naturally time within the system of space came with its own range of challenges. Hostile capsuleers craving the desire of exploring the unknown and plundering riches attempted to engage our ships on a daily basis.

Both Moira’s industrial wing and “Asset Recovery” Division has also made the most of access to the system. Both have bolstered the available corp fleet size, allowing multiple new ships and modules to become available to the combat orientated pilots, repelling any who attempted to threaten us.

The Initial report has been passed to the Arek’Jaalan project Leads for a more detailed follow up. The report is also now publicly viewable at the Arek’Jaalan project public Library at the dead space pocket in Eram.

For now, Moira’s deep space recon team continues it’s research concerning the Sansha incursions. Lead by The Pathos, it is now long overdue for its data burst check in. The core of the corporation has now returned to regular empire duties, protecting the universe in the best way it can, liberating and freeing those in the greatest of needs.