With the start of the Nation War of Resurgence,  Moira. has joined the fight alongside allies from every faction of New Eden. We have ceased all activities of factional warfare due to the ongoing Sansha threat.

In response to the return of Sansha Kuvakei and his minions, we will conduct military operations to halt and destroy Nation military incursions throughout populated space, wherever possible. We are also recruiting and training combat pilots for any future escalation of the current conflict.

Moira. will also undertake w-space and PVP operations to accumulate ISK, assets, and combat experience for our pilots, to better equip ourselves for Nation’s war on mankind.

This is no longer a matter of race, faction, or creed. Sansha’s Nation is a threat to all human life. Under Kuvakei, all human beings, capsuleers included, would be subverted to the will of a twisted megalomaniac, and those that resisted, would be destroyed and reprocessed into biomass.

These are dangerous times. Moira. stands ready to face them. Join us, and you will become the tip of the spear against Sansha’s Nation and all other threats to the survival and prosperity of humanity.

For more information, please visit our Corporate portal here.