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Operation Trinity -Update-

    Operation Trinity Update

With Moira. completing its initial investigation within the class 4 wormhole it was inhabiting – the decision has been made to depart from wormhole space back into known space.

The move comes after several months of successful cataloging of Sleeper sites and comparison and correlation of data.

A vast source of sleeper drone tech has also been salvaged from both hostile drone ships and sites from within the system, for both further studies and possible reverse engineering.

But naturally time within the system of space came with its own range of challenges. Hostile capsuleers craving the desire of exploring the unknown and plundering riches attempted to engage our ships on a daily basis.

Both Moira’s industrial wing and “Asset Recovery” Division has also made the most of access to the system. Both have bolstered the available corp fleet size, allowing multiple new ships and modules to become available to the combat orientated pilots, repelling any who attempted to threaten us.

The Initial report has been passed to the Arek’Jaalan project Leads for a more detailed follow up. The report is also now publicly viewable at the Arek’Jaalan project public Library at the dead space pocket in Eram.

For now, Moira’s deep space recon team continues it’s research concerning the Sansha incursions. Lead by The Pathos, it is now long overdue for its data burst check in. The core of the corporation has now returned to regular empire duties, protecting the universe in the best way it can, liberating and freeing those in the greatest of needs.


Declaration of War against Shaktipat Revelators

Shaktipat Revelators, an infamous alliance of Nation loyalists, have begun in-space operations once again, this time teaming up with Kuvakei’s minions directly, as witnessed in the Kador region. This will not stand.

The Moira Directorate and Combat Staff have authorized me to declare open war against Shaktipat. Moira field commanders of both Task Force Ripper and Team Thundercats are hereby dispatched.

Our focus will be the utter destruction of the Revelators.

Additional communiques and intelligence briefs on the topic of Nation Loyalist activity will be forthcoming.

Operation Trinity Preliminary Report Published

Preliminary Trinity Report

Last month, the preliminary report for Operation Trinity, an investigation into the possible technological links between the Sleepers and Jovians, was published for public consumption. This report has now been forwarded to Dr. Hilen Tukoss, project lead of the Arek’Jaalan project, for his review and comment.

Operation Trinity is an ongoing activity of Moira. Corporation on behalf of the Arek’Jaalan project, involving a deep-space starbase located in class four w-space, and continuing research on Trinary Data formats shared between the Jovians and Sleepers.

Several days ago, Moira. medium-range scouts determined the location of a Erebus-class Titan belonging to The Star Fraction within the Placid region, indeed, within several jumps of our main base of operations. The name of this Titan is believed to be ‘Code Black’, while the pilot who was flying it was Ragadude. This Erebus was located at a heavily armed death-star type control tower in the Dastryns star system.

Indeed, Star Fraction has constructed a network of such fireabases throughout the Placid region, military outposts with no other function than to act as staging areas for their military forces, often as a secure location for command ships and Strategic Cruisers fitted with warfare links. Their theory, we assume, is that these ships can provide useful advantages and bonuses to their combat ships within those systems, while being largely invulnerable to counterattack.

The Star Fraction constructed such an outpost, of their Cassini Division, inside the Pelille System, the HQ of Moira. Corporation, simultaneous to a large-scale logistical operation to the system, no doubt with the intention of subjugating Moira through a military blockade. Thus far, they have proven to be unsuccessful. As of Friday, Moira broke their blockade twice, destroying a Harbinger in the process, forcing the remainder of their forces to flee or dock.

Additionally, during their logistical operation to the Pelille System, Star Fraction lost an Abaddon-class battleship, apparently while escorting a freighter through the Ostingele system, carrying five-billion isk of equipment. Moira has positively ID’d the pilot of this freighter, and the Directorate is deciding on whether to authorize a wardec against the transport corporation in retaliation for supporting Star Fraction’s unilateral military campaign in the Placid region.

According to The Star Fraction’s own records, their present efficiency in combat against Moira for the past week is 25.3 percent.

The Star Fraction Declares War Against Moira.
Sent: 2011.04.29 14:53

The Star Fraction has declared war on Moira..
Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.

The Star Fraction, an anarchistic organization that has attempted to fight various government-affiliated organizations over the past six or seven years, has declared war against Moira. Corporation. They have not indicated what the purpose of this wardec is, what the terms of surrender might be, or what their objectives are. However, according to official records, the combat is going quite well for us as of this time.

The first engagement with Star Fraction was with Lord LazyGhost’s Hurricane-class battlecruiser, the same day the wardec went active. Curiously, Star Fraction appeared to have no serious strategy in place to attack Moira when the wardec was active, and as such, individual Star Fraction pilots were easy to isolate and destroy piecemeal. The Hurricane was caught off of the Pelille stargate in Ostingele, and being an armor-plated Hurricane variant, was too slow to disengage.

Later that night, a Maelstrom-class battleship was destroyed in Ostingele, also belonging to Star Fraction.

Indeed, what was more interesting during the wardec thus far was the number of successes against other pirate organizations in spite of the Star Fraction wardec. 20 hostile ships were destroyed on Saturday and Sunday combined, only four of which were Star Fraction. Moira. Corporation is investigating offensive operations to deal with Star Fraction’s operations in the Placid Region. Their destabilizing activities, whilst once a minor annoyance to the region’s inhabitants, can no longer be tolerated.

Julianus Soter and his aide-de-camp Althea Ekran have initiated a new operation, supported by the Directorate, to establish a trade hub within the Agoze system. This brings a more economic focus to Moira corporation operations in the Placid region, with the long-term hopes of increasing activity and opportunity for capsuleers throughout lowsec.

The initial market established at the Agoze IX-2 Center for Advanced Study School station includes advanced and navy-issue ammunition, long held as favorites amoungst capsuleer combat pilots. Barrage, Fleet EMP, Federation Navy Antimatter, and various kinds of missiles all make an apperance in this first iteration of Operation Agora. Along with these, a set of electronic warfare drones and advanced scout drones are also provided, at significant discounts vs. regional value.

The motivation for this initiative was the high rate of price inflation in the Placid region, which placed a significant burden on the local capsuleer population, stymieing economic expansion and regional vitalization, following the Caldari/Gallente conquests and re-conquests. Often, many items would have a fifteen percent price increase versus those available in core systems such as Dodixie.

Additionally, providing such a market in a lowsec system as Agoze encourages capsuleers to venture beyond the domain of CONCORD-patrolled space. Humanity needs capsuleers outside of the stiffling confines of highsec. Indeed, with the increase of Sansha activity and invasions of the region by Kuvakei’s forces, the demand for combat pilots in lowsec is greater than ever.

If you wish to participate in Operation Agora, or had additional questions about it, please contact Julianus Soter using your nearest NEOCOM interface.

Moira. Corporation conducted a sustained combat reconnaissance and resource extraction mission in a classified w-space system, generated roughly two billion ISK in revenue over the duration of the operation.

Ten or so Moira corporation pilots and associates participated in Operation Entropy, named for the black hole that dominated the class-three w-space system.

According to long-range telemetry, the Entropy black hole existed within interstellar space, well beyond the star system’s heliopause. Unfortunately, the graviton radiation emitted by the black hole still affected ship systems. It is because of this, that the system went largely unnoticed by opportunist Capsuleers looking for easily accessible technology and Sleeper resources to extract. A large number of Sleeper facilities had gone untouched as a result.

Moira Directorate established a control tower and small facility within the star system, to support a sustained operation and provide logistical support to Moira expeditionary teams. Several significant operations were conducted into Sleeper complexes, resulting in around 1.5 billion ISK in acquired materials, including, among other things, salvaged Sleeper technology. The starbase established within the Entropy system maintenanced our vessels and stored our equipment between operations, and was finally disbanded today, after three days of continuous operation. All resources were evacuated through a U210 class wormhole to safety to our main base of operations.

An interesting note that we made during Operation Entropy: The Entropy system seemed to have an affinity for U210 wormholes, for some reason. Specifically, U210 wormholes that led to Federation low security space. This proved highly advantageous, as it ensured a limited number of normal-space jumps were required to reach our base in Placid. Overall, the operation proved to be a significant success, and all profits generated were split proportionally to those that participated.

Logos and Pathos Unite for Exchange of Information

**//Declassified for public dissemination

Moira’s deep space surveillance and wormhole research operations team united today in an undisclosed location after 8 months in the field; to successfully exchange Intel gained on recent deep space Sansha movements.

Moira Flagships, The Logos and Pathos are currently in the process of compiling all new relevant data to bring all pilots registered with Moira and FCORD and up to date with the current state of affairs.

The fleet for the time being (until such time as Moira Command provides new standing orders,) will remain united until such time as the data is completely analysed and released to the public.

Moira, with the aid of a few FCORD volunteers, has today launched a support fleet to aid in capital support fleet in whatever way they deem necessary for the successful completion of their mission.

Data amassed from both ships is estimated to be somewhere in the region of 47 Zettabyes and a preliminary public report expected to be released on 03.27.113 and the full report no later than 04.17.113.

**// End Transmission

Moira/FCORD Support Fleet dispatched

Logos and Pathos in Orbit.

~Joseph Dean Stargazer

Moira Corporation Public Terminal

The Moira Directorate has decided to activate this public terminal to display useful intelligence bulletins, corporate performance updates, and non-classified logs of corporate activities to the general capsuleer community.

There will be four main categories of information made available to the public:

  • Battle reports
  • Personal logs
  • Intelligence briefs
  • Corporate transmissions on objectives and accomplishments

The Directorate welcomes you and hopes that you enjoy your stay.