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Support Fleet Arrival

**//Declassified for public dissemination

A few hours ago saw the arrival of the support fleet meeting up with the Hel class Supercarriers, Logos and Pathos.

The fleet, originally some 50 ships strong with various ship sizes, from support frigates to black op’s battleships, continued to rally Anti-Nation ships to join the support fleet en-route to its destination. Upon arrival, some 106 jumps later, shortened, thanks to the use of a friendly Avatar class Titan’s Jump Bridge, the fleet numbered upwards of 500 ships, of which 50 capital class ships strengthen the ranks.

The support fleet moved to positions across the solar system, securing and locking down all Stargates. Active probe and scanning fleets have taken positions across the system, creating an effective scanning web, detecting any anomalies within the system and sending research ships and fire support teams to any locations found.

One of the friendly Avatar Titans, call sign “Rebirth” in system, flown by Ex-PIE pilot Armak T’kree, under protection of the fleet has just confirmed activation of an on-board Clone Vat Array, allowing Moira. and Fcords top data analyst’s aiding the flagships with processing.

Pathos camera drone snapshot attached.

**//End Transmission


Logos and Pathos Unite for Exchange of Information

**//Declassified for public dissemination

Moira’s deep space surveillance and wormhole research operations team united today in an undisclosed location after 8 months in the field; to successfully exchange Intel gained on recent deep space Sansha movements.

Moira Flagships, The Logos and Pathos are currently in the process of compiling all new relevant data to bring all pilots registered with Moira and FCORD and up to date with the current state of affairs.

The fleet for the time being (until such time as Moira Command provides new standing orders,) will remain united until such time as the data is completely analysed and released to the public.

Moira, with the aid of a few FCORD volunteers, has today launched a support fleet to aid in capital support fleet in whatever way they deem necessary for the successful completion of their mission.

Data amassed from both ships is estimated to be somewhere in the region of 47 Zettabyes and a preliminary public report expected to be released on 03.27.113 and the full report no later than 04.17.113.

**// End Transmission

Moira/FCORD Support Fleet dispatched

Logos and Pathos in Orbit.

~Joseph Dean Stargazer

TSNN never engaged Moira. pilots, and failed to pay the required CONCORD bill to maintain the wardec. Rebirth engaged in several skirmishes, sometimes assisted by remote-repair neutral combatants.

One outstanding wardec remains, Standards and Practices. No additional contact with Zedrik Cayne regarding the status of the wardec, although his Manticore has periodically been spotted and hunted by Moira pilots. Originator of wardec, Carcosa Hali, has joined Ghost Hunter’s corporation, True Slave Foundation, thus removing herself as a valid combatant. True Slave Foundation’s alliance, and the reluctance of its pilots to defend its Sansha Loyalist posture, prevents profitable wardecs from being waged against it.

Combat report: Skirmishes in Placid

Good evening everyone. Today was rather eventful for both Moira.’s active wardecs and anti-pirate patrols in the Placid region.

We began operations at around 19:30 standard hours, fleeting up and preparing to perform a standard sweep of the Placid region, for combat experience and unit cohesion building, as well as anti-piracy. As we prepared to disembark from HQ, we were notified of a hostile engagement in the Stacmon system. Zero Threat, CEO of the Rebirth. Corporation who had wardecced us the day previous, had attempted to engage Rinai Vero, a pilot of ours on the undock of the 5-9 station there. We immediately diverted to assist.

Upon contacting the pilot and organizing our forces, we had him transfer to a Myrmidon to entice an engagement once again from Zero’s Astarte. Fortunately, we has already acquired a ship scan of the target, and knew his fitting and tank capabilities, as well as his maximum damage potential. Quickly, we hatched a plan.

The main fleet would hold position in Ostingele, the main lowsec entrance point outside of Stacmon, while Rinai pulled Zero in to engage. Once engagement was confirmed, the trap would be sprung.

Rinai executed the plan by undocking, and we waited for the call. Althea Ekran jumped early into the system to position herself for the trap. Rinai called out that Zero had redboxed, and the race was on. We landed on the target in twenty seconds, but only had sixty to destroy the Astarte before it could withdraw. Command called for all weapons to overheat on target. The Astarte’s active tank repaired a small amount of the incoming fire, as expected, but it didn’t have the staying power to deagress. It was destroyed with about twenty seconds to spare.

Upon retrieval of the modules from the ship’s wreck, valued at around forty million isk, we maneuvered the fleet back to Ostinele for the fleet that was planned for the evening.

First destination: Vlillirier

Vlilllirier is a popular lowsec hub system, as far as such things go, for the Placid region. A natural nexus of nullsec, highsec, and lowsec activity, it plays host to a number of stations with numerous facilities. Our plan was that this system would be a natural gravitational point for pilots looking for action. It surpassed our expectations.

Holding on the Aldranette stargate in Vlil, we waited for Caviar Liberta to rendezvous with the fleet before moving to the  next waypoint in the patrol. We received word from the forward scout, however, of four battlecruisers belonging to Fidelas Constans alliance, which were apparently preparing for a fight.

After a short standoff, we jumped to Aldranette, hoping to split their forces, and align at speed to the next destination stargate. The hostile Harbinger opened fire: he became the first target. A Drake which was hitting our cruisers hard was next. Friendly ECM was able to hold down the remaining ships, which rapidly disengaged as their allies fell. A Moira. Rupture was lost early in the fighting, as it had become the primary target of the hostile fleet.

The firefight quickly gained the attention of the local inhabitants: reports of another five battlecrusiers came in from our scouts. We maneuvered to station quickly, and finished our loop through Placid and returned to base.

Upon our re-entry to Ostingele en route to Placid, there was a protracted skirmish against two Shield Hurricanes. This engagement was indecisive, as we had no ability to gain heavy tackle on the targets to focus fire and destroy them.

The fleet then disbanded, allowing Moira pilots to split the spoils, rearm, and discuss the main lessons from the fights we had experienced. I have to add, I’m looking forward to the rest of the week, if this pattern of engagements keeps up. Best fights we’ve had in a while.

-Julianus Soter, CEO.

The God Squad, whose main constituent corporation is Rebirth., declared war on Moira. at 06:18. Thus, one day from that mark and the wardec will become active.

This will be Moira.’s first true large-scale wardec which involves multiple enemy combatants. Zero Threat, the CEO and Founder of Rebirth., provided neutral remote rep assistance for our wartarget, Zedrik Cayne, from Standards and Practices, while we engaged Zedrik’s Dominix on the Botane stargate. The Dominix was destroyed, and Zero Threat continued to try to get us to aggress, so that he might return fire. We did not, and disengaged once Zedrik was defeated.

Clearly, Zero Threat wanted to pursue a wardec to see what sort of concessions he might entice from us. They may also be working on behalf of Zedrik. When accessing Rebirth Pub, Zedrik Cayne was in the list of channel users.

As always, battle reports will be posted as applicable. More information on Zero Threat’s intentions with his wardec will be uploaded if possible, in a separate intelligence bulletin.



Moira. Director Ilfort spent the past several weeks compiling information, holos, and data regarding the new Sansha prototype warships encountered in the Incursions. We have published this codex as the Sanshadex, uploaded to the wider GalNet free of charge. More information about the Sansha, including combat tactics, will be added with time. Additionally, there are reports of one Revenant-class flagship that has not yet been added to the Sanshadex. If pilots could discover more information about this craft, perhaps in their own efforts to destroy it, it would be most appreciated.

Pilots are of course welcome to provide contributions to the compendium as needed. Moira. will publish additional posts if significant revisions are made to the current set of data.

A word to the wise: The Myelen-class attack frigates Nation fields are extremely dangerous and should be removed quickly. They are a hybridized ECM/capacitor drain platform, capable of knocking logistics class cruisers out of commission, a dangerous proposition to any fleet. Additionally, Tama Cerebellum-class frigates are the advanced torpedo bomber frigates Nation uses to destroy battleship class targets. These should take priority in any engagement following the Myelens.




Liberation of Sanctum Constellation

Today Moira. squadrons participated in the large-scale operations to liberate Sanctum from a surprise Sansha attack on the  Constellation, which houses the CONCORD command and control facilities for the New Eden cluster. We launched our main operation at 1740, and continued until 20:07, which is when the Sansha supercarrier flagship, The Kundalini Manifest, was targeted and destroyed by a joint capsuleer strikeforce. More information on this flagship is available on the Sanshadex.

Lord Galrton acted as fleet command for this final assault, in which roughly ten Moira. capsuleers participated, and it was this fleet that was recognized by CONCORD, and was rewarded accordingly. The reward for the final battle, handed out by CONCORD, was around sixty million isk and thirteen thousand four hundred LP. It proved essential to overheat all combat systems in the final push to crack the Kundalini’s armor and structure, to provide the best chance of being recognized by CONCORD’s bounty system.

Overall, this was the fastest successful repulsion of an incursion in high security space thus far. Several classified pieces of intelligence about Sansha protocols were also acquired, which should prove valuable in future engagements in lowsec and nullsec.

There were some small engagements with Standards and Practices forces during this incursion, with a single ship loss traded for a Stabber kill in Stacmon. Zedrik Cayne did not undock his Dominix to attack our larger incursion-capable force, however, and sat out the remainder of the campaign.

At 04:19 standard time, TSNN declared war against Moira. Corporation. In 24 hours, the wardec will be active.

The presumed combatants in TSNN are led by Doctor Carbonatite, a known Sansha loyalist capsuleer. Queries on public databases indicate the Doctor has largely average combat history. The only other known active combat pilot is Archane Phoenix, who has a short combat history in Empire space.

Battlereports with new combatants will be filed as applicable.

Additionally, it might be good to note at this time that the wardec with the Standards and Practices corporation has entered a second week, with minimal combat. Two hostile pilots have been confirmed within IEEE, but only four combat engagements have occured where IEEE opened fire on Moira. pilots over the wardec period. Combat efficiency due to this lack of hostile contact is roughly break even. More information will be made available when possible.

Mission Codename: Serpent and the Slaves

Threat Level: 4

On Behalf: Federal Intelligence Office

Assigning Agent: Classified

System: Classified

Report by: Captain Andre Grey Moira. Corporation

“… After receiving the message from agent (-) I have proceeded to the Federal Intelligence station in (-). Upon arrival I was informed about several abductions of Gallente civilians in the area of (-). According to the information gathered by the Federal Intelligence they were being transported to the area (-), by an unknown group, with the suspicion being that the intention of this unknown group was to sell the civilians into slavery in the Sansha Nation.

The request from the Federal Intelligence Office was to investigate this operation, discover the identity of the group(s) involved, engage the hostiles and if possible to secure and rescue the abducted Gallente civilians.

With this task at hand I and the crew of my ship, Dominix class battleship “Mage”, have departed for the coordinates provided by the Federal Intelligence.

On arriving in the area, our scanners have picked up a temporary acceleration gate protected by a single Brutix class battlecruiser of the Serpentis Corporation. This ship has opened communication channel greeting us as the “pick-up” group before recognizing that we were not affiliated with the Sansha Nation and opening fire. The resulting battle was brief as the battlecruiser stood little chance in confrontation with my ship and experienced crew.

As it was destroyed I ordered to activate the acceleration gate and proceeded deeper into the deadspace pocket. Inside of it we have came across an assembly of several habitation modules hidden behind the remains of a destroyed station, possibly to remain undiscovered by CONCORD system scanners.

We were also engaged by two groups of hostile vessels, the first belonging to the Sansha Nation and composed out of two battlecruiser class ships and two frigates utilizing electronic warfare in the form of turret tracking disruptors. This group was the first that I and my crew have engaged and destroyed.

The second force was composed out of three battleships and two frigates belonging to the Serpentis Corporation. This was a slightly more challenging foe, more so that twice did they receive reinforcements in the form of more battleships, cruisers and frigates. Despite this however, my battleship was able to destroy all the hostile vessels and secure the area for the arrival of the Federal Defence Fleet forces.

The disturbing event upon the conclusion of the battle was a brief transmission from an unknown source, recognized by the ships computers as being of Sansha Nation origin, stating that they are “Letting those slaves keep their freedom as it was not worth to waste any more forces on their extraction”.

With this task concluded, we have returned to agent (-) and reported on the encounter. I was reassured that the rescued people will receive any and all possible treatment and assistance from the Gallente authorities. …”

Comment: It is important to note that at this time that we cannot trace this cooperation between the Serpentis and Sansha to the Corporate level at this time. It is likely this was a small-scale racket run by a local Serpentis Corporation subsidiary, an organization which devolves decision making to local branches.

-Julianus Soter

The Moira Directorate has decided to activate this public terminal to display useful intelligence bulletins, corporate performance updates, and non-classified logs of corporate activities to the general capsuleer community.

There will be four main categories of information made available to the public:

  • Battle reports
  • Personal logs
  • Intelligence briefs
  • Corporate transmissions on objectives and accomplishments

The Directorate welcomes you and hopes that you enjoy your stay.